Valais Blacknose Embryos

Small number of embryos already implanted (into mules) available from quality swiss lines. Due to lamb in January 2022 – can be scanned or unscanned – POA.

Small number of ewe lambs born in 2021 available

We have a couple of ewe lambs born in spring 2021 available to go to new homes – please feel free to email us if you are interested.

We have sold Valais blacknose Sheep as show stock, breeding stock and pets to numerous buyers throughout the UK and can deliver upon request. We were selected by one of North Devon’s premier visitor attractions – the Big Sheep to supply two sheep to them and we understand ‘Sunny’ and ‘Snowy’ have a wonderful time meeting all the visitors there – especially when they come bearing sheep treat bags!

We believe our pricing structure is very competitive. For reference our prices start as follows:

Ram Lamb – £600 +

Ewe Lamb – £2,500 – £3,500

Wethers (castrated male/ pet lamb) –  from £450

Please note we will only sell to individuals or farms with a CPH Holding number as required by law. Details of how to obtain a CPH Holding number can be found here:

Valais Blacknose sheep by nature are a very social animal – good with other livestock and humans. They should not be kept alone and therefore we will only sell sheep as singles if the buyer already has other Valais or sheep on their farm.